Linux crushes MS Windows

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I love the way this article starts off:

The faster a computer goes, the more likely is to have Linux at its heart.

Open source radio software

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The open source radio software for scheduling, automation and remote station management.

Airtime is the open radio software for scheduling and remote station management. Remote access to the station’s media management, multi-file upload and automatic metadata verification is coupled with a collaborative online scheduling calendar and playlist management. The scheduling calendar is managed through an easy-to-use web-interface and triggers audio playout with sub-second precision for fading.

Ubuntu’s Past and Present

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Quality article on Ubuntu’s past and present (at least up to the Unity debates). I won’t attempt to summarize it – the whole thing is a damned good read for any Ubuntu fan.

Turnkey Linux rocks, but singular focused appliances are limiting

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I have been playing a lot with the various Turnkey Linux options. Turnkey Linux is based on Ubuntu and

“…is a virtual appliance library that integrates and polishes the very best open source software into ready to use solutions. Each virtual appliance is optimized for ease of use and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud.”

It was super exciting to get Turnkey up and running on Amazon EC2. It was quick and easy. There was only one problem – it was damned expensive. After 5 days it cost me $13 US to host just one appliance. Game over.

Now if I could host multiple projects on one appliance, I’d use Turnkey Linux in a heartbeat. That is, a single installation that has both Drupal, Twiki and File Sharing. I suppose it can be done, but one seems to lose the “quick and easy” benefits.

There are other companies that host TurnkeyLinux, but there again you can only host one appliance per account.

I tried installed Turnkey Core in the hopes I could go into Webmin and install Turnkey patches to install Drupal or other projects, but that didn’t work.

This singular focus provides no value to me. I somehow need to get multiple appliances rolled up into one. If anyone knows of an easy way to do this, please let me know. I’d gladly let Turnkey Linux ubduct me all over again.

Backup software for Ubuntu

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APC lists some good backup software for Ubuntu.

VIM is 20 years old

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I LOVE Vim. I even use gVim at work sometimes. When I hear Vim v.s. Emacs debates, I wonder “What debate? Vim wins hands down.”

Vim hit 20 years old a little while ago. Happy birthday Vim.

If you’re curious, Vi began in 1976 and Vim followed 15 years later in 1991.

Here is a free Vim ebook to get you started.

Lightweight Xubuntu and Crunchbang

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Wow, am I behind with the news. A couple years back I was on a lightweight distribution kick. I installed a number of distro’s and ended up stuck between Xubuntu and Crunchbang.

Xubuntu uses XFCE desktop environment.

Back then, Crunchbang was based on Ubuntu and used the Open Box Window Manager. What I found was that even though Crunchbang claimed lightweight, it was still running nearly all the same processes as Ubuntu. It quickly lost its status as a lightweight contender in my mind and I stopped using it. But Crunchbang has been been based on Debian for like 2 years now, so I guess it’s back on the list for me.

If you’re interested, TechRepublic has a fairly recent write-up of Xubuntu suggested opportunities.